“Elegant French Flair: Transforming a Cottage Garden”

For Alexis Walter, the allure of French aesthetics served as the guiding inspiration when she acquired her new home. However, the overgrown state of the cottage garden demanded attention, prompting her to embark on a journey to imbue the space with formal elegance and functionality. Armed with a trove of inspiration photos and a clear vision in mind, Alexis embarked on the task of revitalizing her garden. With the guidance of landscape architect Aaron Adolph from NOLA + Design, her dream gradually took shape. Central to her vision was the creation of a garden that seamlessly blended formal design with practicality. The introduction of a parterre garden, along with strategic placement of Japanese boxwood hedges and ‘Savannah’ hollies, transformed the once-wild garden into a structured oasis. Aromatic herbs and cascading ivy added sensory delights to the space, while clever utilization of sidewalk strips expanded the garden’s footprint, enhancing its charm and doubling its area. Through dedication and thoughtful planning, Alexis succeeded in infusing her cottage garden with the timeless elegance of French landscaping.


Alexis Walter, an avid enthusiast of French aesthetics, was determined to infuse her home with a touch of French charm upon purchasing it. Recognizing the need for formal structure to tame the wild growth of the cottage garden, she embarked on a mission to bring her vision to life. Armed with a collection of inspiration photos, she set out to realize her desires, later enlisting the expertise of landscape architect Aaron Adolph from NOLA + Design to refine the plan.


Central to Alexis’s vision was the desire to create a garden that was both formal and functional. The introduction of a parterre garden proved instrumental in maximizing the use of space within the compact front garden area. Japanese boxwood hedges and corner cones were strategically incorporated to provide structural definition, while ‘Savannah’ hollies were pruned near the street to offer height and privacy. Aromatic herbs like rosemary, thyme, and oregano were added to infuse the garden with delightful scents, complemented by the softening effect of ivy cascading over the stairs. Alexis further expanded the footprint of her front yard by installing parterres in the sidewalk strip, effectively doubling the garden’s area.

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