“Elevating Charm: A Cottage-inspired Transformation”

In the heart of a quiet neighborhood stood an outdated single-level brick house longing for renewal. The task was daunting: to expand its footprint and modernize its interiors while preserving the essence of its cottage charm. Enter the skilled team at River Brook Design & Construction, armed with creativity and expertise to breathe new life into the dwelling.

With a meticulous approach, the team embarked on a journey to elevate the house, starting with the daring move of adding a second story. This bold decision expanded the original 1,999-square-foot home by an impressive 2,500 square feet, providing ample space to accommodate the needs of a growing family.

Inspired by the homeowners’ fondness for swooping_rooflines, builder Leigh_Misso and his team incorporated curved edges on the main roof and dormers, evoking the quaint charm of an English cottage. Complemented by antique chimney pots, this design choice infused the exterior with character and warmth.

The interior transformation was equally remarkable. Floor-to-ceiling windows were introduced, flooding both levels of the house with natural light and creating an inviting ambiance. The decision to paint the brick exterior in Benjamin_Moore’s_White_Dove_added a touch of freshness and airiness to the facade, while simplifying the entryway with clean lines and a white oak front door ensured a seamless transition from outside to inside.

Through thoughtful design and meticulous craftsmanship, the once-dated brick house emerged as a timeless sanctuary, blending_modern_comforts with the timeless allure of cottage living.


This outdated_single-level_brick_house underwent a transformative renovation to accommodate the needs of a growing family while preserving its cottage charm, thanks to the addition of a second story. The team at River_Brook_Design_&_Construction initiated the project by elevating the roof, effectively expanding the original 1,999-square-foot home by 2,500square feet. This expansion facilitated the creation of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a laundry_room, and a lounge area on the second floor.


Builder_Leigh_Misso, reflecting on the project, highlighted the homeowners’ preference for swooping rooflines, which inspired the incorporation of curved edges on the main roof and dormers to evoke an English cottage ambiance. Complemented by antique_chimney pots, this design choice helped achieve the desired aesthetic.

The introduction of stacked floor-to-ceiling windows floods both levels of the house with natural light, while painting the brick_exterior_in Benjamin Moore’s White Dove lends a fresh and airy look to the facade. Simplifying the entryway, which now benefits from a 5-foot extension of the new roofline, involved forgoing ornate details in favor of a clean brick_surround_and_a_white_oak_front_door.

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