How Jennifer Garner Reacted to Ben Affleck Sending Love Letters to Jennifer Lopez While Married to the Actress

Ben Affleck’s close relationship with Jennifer Garner worries both her fans and Jennifer Lopez’s fans. The former are confident that the star has not let go of her ex, while the latter are jealous of the fact that in the photo with his ex-wife the artist looks much happier than with his current one. Recently, the Garner fan base gave Ben a real thrashing: the actor was harshly criticized for sending love letters to Lopez while he was married to someone else. But the story turned out to be much more interesting.

An insider told the Daily Mail that Garner, being married to Ben, knew that he could not live without the singer and was actively communicating with her. “As much as he loved Jennifer, he never forgot about JLo,” the source shared. “The ex respects him and understands that what happened was what was supposed to happen.” It is noteworthy that the actor did not hide his feelings when he called Garner down the aisle – this, the insider adds, was not even a surprise for her.

The theory that the exes are on high terms is also supported by the fact that Affleck and Garner are, as the source says, “friends” with each other’s partners. And although there is talk online that Lopez can’t stand the actor’s ex, the source says that they are actually on great terms. When Ben returned to JLo, Garner allegedly told her that the artist was now truly happy. Jennifer was also pleased that Lopez can keep Affleck under control – she, the actress is sure, will definitely not let him return to his old bad habits.

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