“Revitalizing Charm: A Cottage Exterior Renovation”

In the realm of architecture, even the most unassuming structures possess the potential for transformation. Such was the case with a cottage, whose lackluster facade belied its potential for beauty and character. Amidst the stout windows and uninspiring entrance, architect Corbett Scott saw an opportunity to breathe new life into the home’s exterior. By reimagining the entrance as a spacious porch and incorporating thoughtful design elements, Scott embarked on a journey to infuse the cottage with charm and personality. The result? A striking transformation that seamlessly_blends_tradition_with_contemporary_flair, honoring the home’s heritage while ushering it into a new era of elegance.


The cottage had a dull appearance with its stout windows, unremarkable_entrance, and somber gray-and-black color_scheme.


Architect_Corbett_Scott identified transforming the entrance from a peaked_roof into a spacious porch as pivotal in establishing a unique_focal_point_for the home. The redesigned_parapet, now squared-off and adorned with 1-foot-tall finials, injects a sense of drama and dimension into the exterior. Introducing French_doors_with_a_contemporary_Chippendale twist serves to harmonize with the Colonial_home’s_English heritage.

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