“Transforming Dim to Radiant: River Brook Design & Construction’s Home Renovation”

In the realm of home renovation, there are challenges that demand both creativity and expertise. River Brook Design & Construction faced such a challenge when tasked with revitalizing a home that felt gloomy and confined, lacking the warmth of a front porch. Their mission was clear: infuse the space with light, convert the attic into a functional haven for children, and elevate the overall appeal of the property. Through strategic design choices and meticulous craftsmanship, the transformation unfolded, turning a once-dreary dwelling into a radiant and inviting sanctuary.


River Brook Design & Construction_was_tasked with enhancing a home that felt dim and cramped, lacking a welcoming front porch. Their goal was to introduce more light, transform the attic-like second floor into a functional space for children, and improve the overall appearance of the house.


To achieve this, the design-build firm installed a bay_window in the living room and added dormers to the attic, converting it into two bedrooms and a bathroom. They also upgraded_the_front_entry with a walnut-stained door and appropriately-sized shutters painted in a subtly_contrasting_color.

In pursuit of a timeless aesthetic, the exterior was adorned with siding and brick painted in Benjamin_Moore’s_White_Dove, creating a striking contrast with the black_shingled_roof. The transformation was completed with the addition of a welcoming_front_porch, surrounded by a landscape_filled with boxwood_and_hydrangeas.

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