Gigi Hadid surprised fans with a radical change in image: video

It’s true what they say: in spring you especially want change. So Gigi Hadid decided to radically change her image. The model turned for help to the popular American hair stylist Chris McMillan, whose clients include Hollywood celebrities – Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus, Anne Hathaway and many others.

The girl unexpectedly changed her long hair and made a daring bob. She showed her transformation process on Instagram*. In his blog, McMillan clarified that he deliberately cut his ward’s hair at the angle of her collarbone for visual harmony. This is what a master of his craft means!

Internet users reacted ambiguously to such a radical transformation. Some were delighted with Hadid’s new image and did not skimp on compliments: “Everything suits this girl,” “Amazing,” “The ideal hair length for her,” “Now I also want a bob.”

But for others, changes in Gigi’s appearance led to negative thoughts. Some considered the haircut a forced measure or even a deception, and some even saw it as a signal of the end of the affair with Bradley Cooper. “Short hair is a sure sign that her personal life is over,” “She began to look older,” “Most likely, there was no other option, the hair was ruined,” “She took off her hair extensions. That’s not news!” – critics are indignant.

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