Natalie Portman secretly divorced Benjamin Millepied, who cheated on her: details

In the competition of the most secretive Hollywood actresses, Natalie Portman takes one of the first places. And now we are once again convinced of this – it’s a pity that the occasion is not at all joyful. The star’s representative confirmed to People that she divorced French choreographer Benjamin Millepied after 11 years of marriage.

Let us remember that last summer information was leaked to the press that a man was cheating on an Oscar-winning actress with a young environmental activist. According to rumors, then the Black Swan star decided to give her husband another chance. In the fall, the couple was even seen taking a walk together , but in January Natalie hinted that her relationship with her unfaithful husband had cracked. True, then sources were sure that she had not yet filed divorce papers. And they were very mistaken: as People reports, Portman wrote a statement about the divorce back in July 2023 – that is, immediately after the news about the betrayal. Well, last month, a court in France, where the actress until recently lived with Millepied and their two children, granted her petition. And now 42-year-old Natalie can again and rightfully be considered one of the most enviable brides of the dream factory.

The dry official information from the actress’s representative was diluted by an insider’s comment. A source well acquainted with Natalie shared that the Oscar winner had a hard time dealing with the betrayal of her loved one. During this difficult period, the actress was supported by friends, and now she is gradually returning to her normal state. “Natalie is coming off a really tough and painful year, but she is stronger and finding joy in her family, friends and work,” the anonymous insider concluded.

It is noteworthy that at the end of February, Portman gave an interview in which she first commented on the situation with her husband. True, she did not go into details and only called what happened to her “horror.” Well, since the actress is now officially single, we wish her to quickly find peace of mind and happiness in her personal life!

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