“Restoring History: Ashley Gilbreath’s Journey to Preserve a 1910 Craftsman Gem”

Nestled in the heart of Montgomery, Alabama, lies a treasure trove of history and architectural splendor: Ashley Gilbreath’s meticulously restored 1910 craftsman-style residence. Situated in close proximity to the former abode of literary icon Zelda Fitzgerald, Gilbreath’s home stands as a testament to her unwavering_dedication to preserving its rich heritage and timeless charm. Faced with the daunting challenge of rejuvenating a property plagued by years of neglect, Gilbreath embarked on a mission infused with passion and reverence. Her steadfast commitment to salvaging and restoring every conceivable detail echoes her profound respect for the home’s original character. In a world enamored with modernity, Gilbreath’s resolute stance serves as a poignant reminder of the irreplaceable value of historical authenticity. This article chronicles Gilbreath’s arduous yet deeply rewarding journey, offering a glimpse into the meticulous restoration efforts and the collaborative spirit that breathed new life into this architectural gem.


Ashley Gilbreath, a designer based in Montgomery, Alabama, undertook the daunting task of restoring_her_1910_craftsman-style residence, situated just a stone’s throw away from the former residence of Zelda Fitzgerald. Faced with years of neglect, Ashley was resolute in her commitment to preserving the architectural integrity and charm of her home. She embarked on a mission to salvage and restore as much as possible, aiming to maintain the authenticity of the original features. “I reused whatever was salvageable and ensured that any new additions closely mirrored the original design,” she explains. “If I had desired a completely new home, I would have opted to purchase one.”


While several aspects of the porches, such as the floorboards and railings, had succumbed to rot and required_replacement, the front door, including_the_sidelights, and all the front_windows and siding_only_needed superficial upkeep. The ebony door underwent refinishing, the windows were reglazed, and the siding received a fresh coat of Sherwin-Williams’ Palais White paint.

Drawing inspiration from old photographs, Ashley collaborated with skilled_carpenters to recreate the home’s original second-story porch.

In enhancing the exterior, landscape_designer James Farmer worked alongside Ashley to create a serene front garden adorned with iconic_Southern_plants and casual_pea-gravel pathways, perfectly complementing the timeless charm of the home.

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