“Reviving an Older Cottage: Transforming Chaos into Charm”

Stepping into the shoes of a new homeowner often comes with the excitement of crafting your own haven, yet it can also unveil challenges that demand_creative_solutions. In the case of one young family, their newly acquired older cottage presented a picturesque façade with a chaotic reality. Overgrown azaleas dominated the front terrace, while a lack of clear pathways left the yard in disarray. Enter landscape designer_Todd_Dorlon of TMD_Landscape_Designs, armed with expertise and a commitment to meticulous planning. This article chronicles the journey of revitalizing this cottage, highlighting the transformation from tangled wilderness to an inviting retreat for its inhabitants and guests alike.


A young family recently moved into an older cottage, finding it in need of modernization. The front terrace was overrun by overgrown azaleas, making navigation difficult, and there was no clear path from the street to the front door, resulting in a chaotic yard. Landscape designer Todd_Dorlon from_TMD_Landscape_Designs was called upon to remedy the situation. Dorlon stresses the importance of_patience_and_thorough_planning, advising homeowners not to take shortcuts.


To improve access, Dorlon removed the obstructing azaleas and redesigned the terrace. The formerly uneven front lawn was transformed into a new play area for the children, just a stone’s throw from the terrace. Boxwoods were strategically_planted to provide structure, and the original dogwood was replaced with a ‘Winter King’ green hawthorn. Additionally, a new gravel parking area near the street was added for guests’ convenience. Enhanced with larger columns_featuring_subtle_copper_lighting, the front_walk_now_seamlessly connects to the_terrace, creating a more inviting_entrance to the home.

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