“Elevating Elegance: The Transformation of a Grand Brick Residence”

In the heart of architectural potential, a grand brick residence awaited its metamorphosis under the discerning gaze of a young couple. Recognizing the sturdy framework and timeless appeal inherent in the structure, their aspirations for the property were met with a shadow of dissatisfaction cast by its lackluster ambiance. Turning to the expertise of Birmingham-based architects_Paul_Bates and_Jeremy_Corkern_of_Cockern_Studio, the couple embarked on a journey to breathe new life into their abode.

Jeremy Corkern reflects on the initial state of the residence, noting its inherent charm marred by a brick facade devoid of warmth and character. Driven by a desire to align the home with the lifestyle of its occupants, the architects undertook a mission to redefine its presence, particularly in the context of neighboring residences of greater stature.

With meticulous attention to detail, Paul and Jeremy endeavored to augment the verticality of the house, introducing a graceful yet commanding 9-foot-tall limestone_entryway. Illuminated by natural light streaming through 7-foot French doors crowned with leaded-glass transoms, the foyer beckons with an air of sophistication. The addition of Palladian-style_shutters_adds a vibrant accent, infusing the facade with renewed vitality. As the bell-shaped_front_lawn_completes the visual narrative, the revitalization of this stately residence stands as a testament to the transformative power of architectural vision.


Upon purchasing this grand brick residence, a young couple recognized its inherent structural integrity, alleviating concerns about extensive renovations. However, they were dissatisfied with its dim and dated ambiance, prompting them to seek the expertise of Birmingham-based_architects, Paul_Bates and Jeremy_Corkern of Cockern_Studio.

Jeremy Corkern notes, “Although the house possessed inherent charm, the brick façade lacked warmth and character, requiring a transformation to better suit the lifestyle of the homeowners.” In response, the architects focused on elevating the house’s presence, particularly considering its position amidst taller neighboring residences.


“We aimed to enhance the verticality of the house, given its surroundings,” explains Jeremy. To achieve this, Paul and Jeremy introduced a spacious yet unimposing 9-foot-tall_limestone_entryway. Natural light floods the foyer through 7-foot _French_doors adorned with leaded-glass transoms. Complementing the architectural ensemble, a pair of Palladian-style_shutters_injects_a_vibrant_splash of color. Additionally, the bell-shaped front lawn contributes to the illusion of increased height, completing the revitalization of this stately residence.

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