From the faceless “office” – housing with a vacation mood.

Designer Sonya Kondrashina was faced with the task of transforming faceless apartments into a comfortable apartment for rent with minimal investment and in a short period of time.

Initial condition of the property: the apartment looked more like a 90s office than housing in the prestigious Resort area: lack of layout, yellow plasterboard walls, windows without curtains, microwave instead of a kitchen, random furniture from Ikea.

Task for the designer: The apartment was planned for rent, so even in a small area it was important to place everything necessary – with respect for the future residents. And this had to be done without major repairs, exclusively by “cosmetic” methods under tight deadlines (1 month) and an extremely limited budget.

Here’s how the work on the project went and how much its implementation cost.

The previous owners had a bed right opposite the entrance. And one of the wishes of the customers was to make the private area more private, and to make something more attractive opposite the entrance (currently there is a dining area with a sofa opposite the door).

“We came up with the layout and approved it immediately, during the meeting. But it was necessary to work out some nuances and prepare drawings. Firstly, there was a ventilation hole in the room, but not in the bathroom. The management company allowed us to use the second free ventilation duct, but asked for a communications plan. We pulled the pipe from the bathroom into the room – hence the gypsum plasterboard structure above the closet by the bed.

Initially there were very few sockets, and based on the new arrangement of furniture, we increased their number – this required a new plan with sockets and lamps. It was planned to lay the wires through a new PVC baseboard with an internal cable channel.

Complex painting of walls and storage systems, shelves made of furniture panels – all this required full-scale development of all walls with dimensions for builders.” required full-fledged developments of all walls with all dimensions for the builders,” says Sonya Kondrashina, project designer.

The color palette was suggested by the forest outside the window – green became the main color, it is conducive to relaxation and tranquility. It is assumed that future guests will rent this housing to take a break from the city and recharge.

Problem and solution: in some places the sloping ceiling dropped to 1.2 m. There was a feeling of a “closet”. To prevent the eye from resting on the joint, it was visually raised with two shades: a new horizontal line was set with dark green trim. A dark stripe runs through the entire room, distracting attention from flaws in the geometry.

A similar technique was used in the kitchen so as not to distract attention from the slanting cone-shaped ceiling.

There was no hallway in these apartments – the symbolic entrance group became part of the kitchen. In the mini-kitchen at the entrance, everything you need was placed in two lines: a work area, a stove, a sink, a refrigerator and a bar area (next shot).

One of the significant expenses in the project is the front door. Alas, through the old front door you could hear everything that was happening on the stairs.

The photo shows the only vertical window in this attic room. It overlooks the forest, low-rise cottage buildings and Lakhta Center. Near the window with such a wonderful view, it was decided to organize a place for breakfast or work.

In the back of the room they made a full-fledged dining room with two chairs and a sofa. The dining area has become the accent of the entire interior.

In order not to open the drywall, the designer suggested using lamps on flexible cords.

 The renovation process was quick and easy, as I worked with my builders, with whom we understood each other well and in many ways met each other. People are generally the most important thing in any project. The success of the project depends on those with whom you work,” adds the designer,

Standard storage furniture was not suitable for sloping ceilings. And with their mass they would “eat up” the already compact space. A chest of drawers was used in the project; shelves with boxes and an open rod for hangers were organized in the niche. In order to save space, the role of a bedside table is performed by a picture shelf above the bed.

The skylights located directly above the bed were covered with a special Velux blackout curtain (relevant in the summer, during the white nights season). “If you look at the entire budget, the curtain is unreasonably expensive. But we are talking about a window above the bed, and people are different – some cannot sleep even in the slightest light. An apartment for daily rental should satisfy the maximum needs of guests. And by the way, the cost of cassette curtains for attic windows is an eternal pain. For roof windows, only mechanisms from the manufacturer of these windows are suitable, and they are all expensive. There are no ways to save money while still getting a good, full-fledged opening blackout. This was my third attic project, and every time the client is very sensitive to the cost of attic curtains,” says the designer.

“The entire project was created “from stock.” The client did not have a specific style request. He was interested in the liquidity and profitability of the project in the future. Therefore, the main thing was not “I want this color,” but an assessment of the target audience for this object and its purpose. Not long ago the expression “investment design” appeared. So this project is just a striking example of it. In principle, I have a fairly large portfolio of investment projects,” adds the designer.


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