Meghan Markle spoke about the ordeal she faced during pregnancy: “It’s cruel”

Prince Harry’s wife has not pleased her fans for a long time and, accordingly, did not irritate the haters with public statements. And here’s a new high-profile performance: Megan came to the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, and took part in a forum on the topic of bullying on social networks. For the Duchess of Sussex, the topic is obviously very close – to be convinced of this, just scroll through the comments on any news dedicated to her and her husband. But there were times in Megan’s life when the amount of hate she received online became unbearable.

“The majority of the bullying and abuse I faced on social media and online was while I was pregnant with Archie and Lily and when they were babies,” the 42-year-old actress said. She urged the audience to consider why people are hateful: “It’s not just snarky, it’s cruel. Why do this? Among the listeners, by the way, was Prince Harry – so everyone who was worried about the discord in the star family need not worry anymore.

Megan admitted that she is especially worried about the fact that women on the Internet are often hated by other women. “I can’t understand it. If you read something terrible about another woman, why are you sharing it with your friends? If it was about your friend, your mother or daughter, you wouldn’t do this. “I think this is exactly what has been lost in the digital space and in some media: we have forgotten our humanity, and this must change,” the duchess said emotionally.

Well, no matter what, in this case we completely agree with Megan. Moreover, the comments to this news only prove that she is right. “She’s whining again,” “Isn’t what she and her husband do to other members of the royal family called bullying?” “Look at me, I’m the most unhappy,” Daily Mail readers express their anger. Well, we just want to wish everyone to be kinder to each other – both online and offline.

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