“Reviving Timeless Elegance: The Restoration of a 1920s Shingle-Style Cottage”

Nestled amidst the allure of its scenic surroundings, a Shingle-style cottage from the 1920s stood as a testament to architectural potential awaiting realization. With its commanding scale and idyllic water vistas at the rear, it beckoned for a revival of its former splendor. Enter Historical Concepts, an esteemed architecture_firm_based in Georgia, tasked with the intricate mission of restoring this gem to its original glory, evoking the essence of a cherished jewel box. Guided by a commitment to honor its historical lineage, the restoration journey unfolded, revealing a meticulous emphasis on returning the cottage to its authentic stylistic roots. Betty Dowling, a distinguished voice in architecture and a guest_judge of the 2013_Southern_Living_Home_Awards, commended the transformation, highlighting the strategic integration of subtle yet impactful changes. Through the addition of a second entry mirroring the original and the introduction of harmoniously spaced windows, the cottage emerged anew, embodying a seamless blend of tradition and contemporary allure.


Before the renovation, the potential of this Shingle-style cottage from the 1920s was unmistakable. With its impressive scale and picturesque location offering views of the water from the rear, it stood as a promising canvas for transformation. The Georgia-based architecture_firm, Historical_Concepts, undertook the task of restoring the cottage to its former glory, akin to a precious jewel box.


Returning the cottage to its original stylistic roots, Historical Concepts focused on accentuating its distinctive gambrel roofline. According to Betty_Dowling, Professor_Emerita_at_the_Georgia_Tech_College_of_Architecture and guest_judge of the 2013_Southern_Living_Home_Awards, the new design implemented simple yet effective changes. This included the addition of a second_entry, mirroring the size and detailing of the original, to create a balanced_facade. Furthermore, the introduction of new_matching_windows, evenly spaced, contributed to a more cohesive and visually_pleasing_exterior.

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