What Rihanna’s luxurious $13.8 million mansion looks like, where the singer lives with A$AP Rocky and children.

We continue our series of virtual tours of the homes of the rich and famous. We recently admired Bradley Cooper’s mansion , which he bought next door to Gigi Hadid, and were amazed at the scale of Natalia Vetlitskaya’s estate , worth about 1 billion rubles. Now it’s time to appreciate the modest family nest of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, where the couple lives with their young sons RZA and Riot Rose.

According to Page Six, the mansion worth $13.8 million is located in Beverly Hills in the Post Office area, beloved by stars. The colonial-style building was originally built in the 1930s but has undergone several renovations over the past nearly hundred years. The residence is located on a plot of more than 2 thousand square meters and, in addition to the main house, includes a garden, a swimming pool, a gazebo, a guest house and an outdoor gym.

Almost every room has large panoramic windows, so you can have dinner, chill on the sofa in the living room, relax in one of the five bedrooms, and even take a bath overlooking the courtyard. To be honest, for such a colorful couple the house seems too calm and restrained: the interior is dominated by white and other neutral tones – brown, gray and black. The only room that stands out with its bright wallpaper with green leaves is obviously the children’s room.

Of course, the house, which the singer and rapper bought in 2021, has everything you need to party from dusk to dawn. The mansion boasts a spacious bar with a long counter and a cozy fireplace area next door, and there are several outdoor fire pits around which the couple’s guests can sit around on cool California evenings.

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