“From Attic to Abode: Transforming a 1890s Farmhouse into a Stylish Master Closet”

Discover the remarkable journey. Witness the fusion of rustic charm and contemporary flair as this historic farmhouse finds new life as a luxurious closet. Click the link to explore the breathtaking transformation.

Turning the Attic into a Master Closet: Before

“The farmhouse, dating back to the 1890s, lacked closets in its bedrooms, making this conversion a much-needed addition for storage. I constructed knee walls and reinforced exterior walls, crafted a unique spiral staircase atop the original straight one, complete with a custom railing. Preserving the exposed beams, I integrated drywall seamlessly. Other enhancements included installing ridge vents, insulating the ceilings and walls, and wiring for heat, lighting, and HVAC. Additionally, I crafted bespoke drawers, fitted new windows, and devised custom insulation-contact light boxes.”

Turning the Attic into a Master Closet: After

“Completing this project was a nearly two-year endeavor, tailored to fit seamlessly into a century-old home. Undertaking the work myself likely saved around $15,000. Remarkably, I finished just one day before my wife went into labor with our first child. While the carpet was laid and baseboards installed (albeit not entirely painted), we found ourselves rushing to the hospital mere hours later!”

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