“Restoring Ripley: A Tale of Revival”

Embark on a journey of resilience and restoration. Witness the transformation of a forgotten relic into a beacon of history and hope. Click the link to delve into this captivating tale of rebirth and renewal.

In a surprising twist of fate, Vic and Cindy Young found themselves drawn back to their Ohio roots, lured by the prospect of restoring a piece of history in the town of Ripley. Despite having lived in various locales, including Colorado and abroad, the call to preserve a historic home beckoned them home.

Their journey began with the discovery of a dilapidated Italianate house atop a hill overlooking the Ohio River, featured in a 2005 Save This Old House column. Abandoned for decades, the once-grand residence stood as a testament to bygone eras, its faded grandeur whispering tales of a prosperous past.

Before: Exterior

Undeterred by its neglected state, Vic and Cindy saw potential in the 1840s structure, envisioning a labor of love to reclaim its former glory. With a community rallied behind them, including Ripley residents who formed an LLC to save the house from demolition, the couple embarked on a meticulous restoration journey.


From restoring original windows to handcrafting replacements for missing roof brackets, Vic poured his DIY skills into every facet of the project. With Cindy’s creative interior decorating, the house began to emerge from its slumber, adorned with period furnishings that echoed its storied past.


Throughout the arduous process, support from neighbors and the Ripley community proved invaluable, providing not only practical assistance but also a sense of shared purpose. Today, the restored Ripley house stands as a testament to perseverance and community spirit, serving as a cherished family retreat for the Youngs and a symbol of revitalization for the town.

In the end, it was more than mere sweat equity that saved this old house—it was a testament to the power of collective effort and a shared commitment to preserving history for future generations.

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