Crafting a Modern Craftsman: Reviving a 1940s Home in La Mesa

Discover the art of crafting a modern Craftsman as we revive a 1940s home in La Mesa. Dive into the journey of blending timeless elegance with contemporary flair, transforming this historic gem into a haven of style and sophistication. Click the link to explore the captivating transformation.


Taryn_and_Luke-Serna’s_1940s_home in La Mesa, California, had undergone numerous_renovations during the 1960s and 1970s, leaving it trapped in a dated aesthetic. Despite its original Craftsman roots, the house lacked cohesion and charm, resembling more of a mishmash. Determined to breathe new life into their residence, the owners embarked on a series of clever_Craftsman-inspired_upgrades, successfully ushering the home into the modern era.


Entry: The couple’s primary objective was to address the asymmetrical roofline, which detracted from the home’s appeal. Opting for a strategic solution, they added a gable-roofed_porch, cleverly concealing the main roof’s awkward angle. White rails, trim, and carefully_chosen accents like house numbers, a post-mounted_mailbox, and a striking red door ensure that the porch becomes the focal point, enhancing the home’s curb appeal.

Paint: A subtle green-gray hue serves as a neutral_backdrop, allowing the vibrant_door and textural_native_plantings to shine.

Siding: Taryn and Luke_refreshed the front facade by replacing the worn board-and-batten siding with new_fiber-cement_clapboards. To maintain budget constraints, they retained the stucco finish on the remaining portions of the house, giving it a refreshed appearance.

Landscaping: An inviting side path, crafted from original_flagstone, guides visitors through scenic_flower_beds, featuring predominantly drought-resistant plants to minimize water usage while enhancing the home’s natural_beauty.

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