From Neglect to Natural Beauty: Transforming a New Jersey Home

Experience the stunning revival of Craftsman charm in a colorful transformation set against the backdrop of Colorado Springs. Join us as we breathe new life into this architectural gem, infusing it with vibrancy and character. Click the link to witness the captivating journey unfold.


Chrissy Doremus vividly describes her husband’s family home in Denville, New Jersey, as a woman in dire need of a makeover. With roots tracing back to the 1940s, the property suffered from an enclosed porch and overgrown juniper bushes, creating a disconnect between the house and the yard. However, through thoughtful renovation, the transition has become more seamless, breathing new life into the residence.


Entry: The revamped porch features modern composite railings, defining an open and inviting space rebuilt on the original footings. Wrapped in PVC, the 66s columns exude durability, while the meranti floors offer an affordable alternative to mahogany. Enhancing the entrance, a Craftsman-style fir door replaces the mundane white one, infusing warmth and character into the facade.

Landscaping: The introduction of a curving walkway, crafted from tumbled concrete pavers, gracefully winds through beds adorned with succulents and drought-tolerant plants. Their silvery tones harmonize with the sage-green siding, enhancing the home’s exterior appeal.

Tip: Utilize leftover stones and concrete blocks to frame foundation plantings, adding a touch of rustic charm and resourcefulness to the landscape design.

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