Paparazzi caught the terminally ill Celine Dion on the street for the first time in a long time: what the singer looks like now.

News about the health of the iconic singer rarely appears, and even then it is quite contradictory. Celine Dion’s sister, for example, has repeated more than once that the star has not lost hope of recovery, and at the same time they have been gossiping on the Internet that her illness has driven her to a wheelchair , and in general she can no longer control her muscles . Celine herself rarely talks about her well-being, but she finds the strength to go out into the world – her last appearance was at the Grammy Awards in early February The star looked great – as if she had no illness. The same cannot be said about her appearance in recent photographs from the paparazzi.

The day before, photographers caught 55-year-old Celine on the streets of New York. The star was in a great mood and, when she saw the paparazzi, did not hide. On the contrary, the singer smiled, posed and at some point even showed a finger up – as if signaling that she felt at her best. However, such news from the star himself was not enough for the fastidious public. Readers of the Daily Mail began to discuss the fact that Celine had aged a lot in recent years, either due to illness or for natural reasons.

Be that as it may, without spotlights and professional make-up, even the eternally young fan of a healthy lifestyle, Jennifer Lopez, can barely be recognized in random street shots. Celine, I must admit, is holding up well. Especially considering that her diagnosis is rare and quite scary – patients with this disease experience painful muscle spasms that constrain the body and make it impossible to move, often even speak. The singer is not performing now , but is actively working behind the scenes. For example, she is making a documentary film dedicated to her illness.

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