Reviving Craftsman Charm: A Colorful Transformation in Colorado Springs

Experience the vibrant revival of Craftsman charm in Colorado Springs! Follow along as we breathe new life into a historic gem, infusing color and character into every corner. Click the link to witness the colorful transformation unfold.


Eleven years ago, Aaron Stern embarked on a journey with his early-1900s home in Colorado Springs, Colorado, brimming with traditional Craftsman features. However, these details were obscured by a lackluster, monotonous paint scheme. Determined to restore its authenticity, Aaron set out to infuse the exterior with period-appropriate colors and revitalized elements.


Paint: Drawing inspiration from neighboring Craftsman houses, Aaron opted for a subdued mustard hue, offering a distinct yet harmonious contrast with the surroundings. Complemented by crisp white trim and a bold barn-red door, the new color palette breathed life into the facade.

Siding: Beneath the worn aluminum siding, Aaron uncovered hidden treasures of wood clapboards and shingles, along with remnants of Craftsman-style trim work. Leveraging this discovery, he meticulously designed replacements and supplemented any missing siding with resilient redwood, restoring the home’s original charm.

Porch: A significant transformation unfolded on the porch, where chunky, tapered columns replaced outdated iron fixtures. Paired with freshly painted railings, these new elements seamlessly aligned with the Craftsman aesthetic, elevating the porch’s visual appeal.

Aaron’s meticulous efforts culminated in a vibrant revival, where the home’s authentic Craftsman features were once again showcased in all their glory, ensuring its legacy for years to come.

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