A Pro Kitchen Makeover: Lessons from Running a Steak House for 47 Years

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Harvey and Diana Kloesel, seasoned owners of a thriving 250-seat steakhouse in Moulton, Texas, brought their decades of restaurant expertise into play when it was time to revamp their home kitchen. Eager for enhanced accessibility and functionality, they sought to mirror the efficiency of their professional kitchen while harmonizing with the vintage charm of their 1903 Queen Anne residence.

Before: Despite sturdy construction, the kitchen’s dark stained-ash cabinets and limited prep space posed challenges.

After: Bright and Functional

The Kloesels maximized the existing space by removing a walk-in pantry, seamlessly connecting the kitchen to the dining room and inviting natural light through a double-height window. Redesigning the island for single-level functionality with an induction cooktop streamlined workflow and eliminated traffic congestion. Sarah Stacey’s design incorporated ceiling-height cabinetry and a pull-out pantry, optimizing storage without sacrificing aesthetics. Soft green hues and stained wood accents preserve the kitchen’s historic character while infusing it with a fresh, airy ambiance.

The transition to painted cabinetry and the addition of ample storage, including back-saving lower drawers, delighted the Kloesels. Practical touches such as a period-style apron sink and pull-down faucet enhanced both aesthetics and functionality.

Sick of rummaging through lower cabinets, the Kloesels replaced them with efficient drawers, including corner units that maximize space utilization. Polished white-marble countertops provide a clean, luminous backdrop.

The new island, slightly smaller but more ergonomic, features a veined-marble top with a durable finish, ideal for dining and food prep. Relocating the oven improved circulation, while the induction cooktop prioritized safety and ease of maintenance.

A cozy window seat serves as a favorite spot for the Kloesels’ grandchildren, with under-seat storage facilitating tidy cleanup. The kitchen makeover embodies functionality, comfort, and timeless charm—an ideal blend for this seasoned restaurateur couple.

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