Restoring Beauty: A Transformation Story from Within

Embark on a journey of restoring beauty from within as we unveil a transformation story that goes beyond the surface. Witness the remarkable journey of rejuvenation, resilience, and rediscovery as inner beauty takes center stage. Click the link to explore this inspiring narrative of restoration.


Unveiling a hidden challenge, the homeowners discovered their walls contained ‘back plaster,’ necessitating the removal of old siding, sheathing, and plaster to install foam insulation. With meticulous care, the contractor stripped the exterior before reassembling it post-insulation, restoring the home’s integrity.


Though initially mismatched with its interior allure, the exterior now reflects the beauty within. The house has undergone a subtle transformation, blending Italianate and Queen Anne influences. Embracing the opportunity to address peculiarities, the addition of a tower and a new porch infuses the home with fresh architectural interest. Every detail celebrates the renewed charm, ensuring the house lives up to its full potential.

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