Reviving a Neglected Cape Cod: A Transformation Story from Rockport

Join us on a journey of revival as we breathe new life into a neglected Cape Cod home in Rockport. Experience the transformation unfold, from dilapidation to beauty, as we honor the timeless charm of this coastal gem. Click the link to witness the captivating tale of restoration.


Years of neglect had taken a toll on this 1940s Cape Cod nestled in Rockport, Massachusetts, leaving it weathered and uninspired. Owners John Frisone and Mark Jurewicz undertook a significant renovation, coupled with fresh landscaping, to breathe new life into the property.


Entry: A substantial porch extension, part of a two-story addition at the front of the house, introduced 300 square feet of inviting outdoor space. The porch exudes a cozy farmhouse charm, featuring dark mahogany floors, vintage-style lighting fixtures, sleek rails and columns, and a striking fire-engine-red door.

Roof: Textured architectural shingles replaced the deteriorating composite roofing material, enhancing both durability and aesthetics.

Siding: John and Mark addressed the mismatched shingles by replacing them with new taupe-colored ones, unifying the facade’s appearance.

Windows: Energy-efficient windows, mirroring the original six-over-six design, were installed throughout the house, ensuring both timeless style and improved insulation. Additionally, they enlarged an existing window to accommodate elegant French doors.

Landscaping: Transforming the lackluster lawn, the owners strategically placed lush clusters of hydrangeas, holly, and rhododendrons around the porch and brick walkway. Granite leftover from the porch footings was repurposed to edge the walkway, adding a touch of elegance. Window boxes adorned with seasonal annuals further connect the addition to the vibrant landscape below, completing the rejuvenation of this once-neglected Cape Cod.

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