Rediscovering Beauty: Restoring a Historic Gem

Journey with us as we rediscover beauty and embark on the restoration of a historic gem. Witness the revival of timeless elegance and the preservation of cherished heritage in this captivating tale. Click the link to explore the transformative journey.


Built in 1928 and later converted into apartments, this house held a rich history spanning decades. In 1998, the current owner embarked on a journey to restore the building to its original single-family home status, following in the footsteps of their grandmother who had owned the property since 1944.


Starting from the studs, the restoration process involved meticulous research to uncover the original floor plan and restore the interior to its former glory while ensuring modern livability. Despite its initial lack of recognition, the transformed house gained acclaim and was featured in Panama City Living as one of the most charming and beautiful homes on Massalina Bayou.

For the owner, the journey was a labor of love, culminating in the restoration of a historic treasure and the pride of reclaiming its rightful status as a beautiful piece of local history.

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