“When did she grow up so much?” Beyoncé’s daughter took center stage at the 2024 Grammys

Time flies! Beyoncé’s daughter takes center stage at the 2024 Grammys, leaving everyone in awe of her growth. Click the link to catch a glimpse of this unforgettable moment.

Grammy 2024 was the perfect opportunity for Beyoncé and Jay Z to once again show off their heiress to the world . Blue Ivy, Beyoncé’s eldest daughter, walked onto the red carpet accompanied by her celebrity parents and immediately became the object of close attention from the press. Fans of the musical couple have already nicknamed the girl “a modern Cinderella.” But Blue Ivy also has plenty of critics. So, for example, the outfit of the young star has already caused an extremely negative reaction among thousands of people.

Beyoncé’s daughter at the 2024 Grammys

Little Star

Blue Ivy Carter, the eldest of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s children, has already established herself as a worthy successor to her parents’ work. An eight-year-old girl took part in the work on the soundtrack for the cartoon “The Lion King”. And last year, Blue Ivy performed as a backup dancer for her mother during the singer’s world tour.

Many did not like the choreography of the girl’s dance. But the work of the heir to Beyoncé in the song for “Brown Skin Girl” received the highest praise. In 2021, Blue Ivy won her own Grammy for this video! Agree, a good start for a personal career.

Bright appearance

This time, however, Beyoncé’s eldest daughter took the stage, accompanying her star father . Jay Z received the award for his overall contribution to the music industry. Blue Ivy got a reason to once again remind fans of her existence, and at the same time show off in front of the public in a fashionable outfit.

Of course, there was a scandal . Jay Z gave cause for gossip when he criticized the award jury. Having received his award, the performer, right from the stage, reproached the management of Grammy 2024 for their reluctance to give his wife the trophy for the best album. According to Jay Z, Beyonce had more rights to this award than Taylor Swift.

Loud criticism

However, Blue Ivy also received a portion of critical reviews addressed to her. The public considered the girl’s outfit too revealing. Yes, Beyoncé’s 12-year-old daughter has matured a lot, it’s true. But anyway, Blue Ivy is still a child, so the star parents could choose a dress for her with a less demonstrative neckline!

It is possible, however, that Beyoncé and Jay Z were counting on the hype . Unfortunately, this year they were eclipsed by rapper Michael Render, who was arrested right at the Grammy ceremony. Be that as it may, I want to believe that in the future Blue Ivy will appear on stage more than once or twice to receive her own awards!

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