This is who broke Schwarzenegger’s marriage and gave him an illegitimate son! 💔🫢Paparazzi showed the woman with whom the legendary man cheated on Maria Shriver! 😬🤯She was a housekeeper whose recent scandalous photos can be found in this article! 👇

However surprising it may seem, his marriage to Maria Shriver, which lasted around 35 years, came to an end after the legendary actor’s affair with their housekeeper. Soon, Maria learnt about the affair and the illegitimate son of Arnold.


Heartbroken and desperate, she couldn’t find enough strength to forgive him and, actually, saw no sense in it. Later, our favorite Terminator admitted that what he had done was a terrible thing but he didn’t want Joseph to think that his arrival was unwanted.

Schwarzenegger still helps Joseph’s mother financially for which he receives respect and pride. What concerns Joseph, he has become the exact copy of his legendary father and decided to follow in his footsteps taking interest in bodybuilding.