Restoring Charm: Reviving a 1903 Farmhouse in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Neighborhood

Step back in time as we revive the charm of a 1903 farmhouse nestled in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Join us on this enchanting journey of restoration, where every detail tells a story of timeless elegance and historic preservation. Click the link to explore the captivating transformation.


Embracing the adage of “buying the worst house in the best neighborhood,” I embarked on a journey to restore a neglected 1903 farmhouse nestled in Seattle’s historic Capitol Hill district. Upon discovery, the house had been split into a non-conforming duplex and was in dire need of attention.


While some friends questioned my decision, the new neighbors welcomed each new project with enthusiasm. Through dedicated effort and meticulous restoration work, the farmhouse has undergone a remarkable transformation, now standing proudly among its neighbors on the street.

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