Restoring History: A Tale of Resilience in the French Quarter

Join us in the heart of the French Quarter as we uncover a tale of resilience and restoration. Experience the journey of preserving history, brick by brick, in this captivating narrative of perseverance and dedication. Click the link to witness the timeless beauty of historic preservation.


In June of 2002, my wife and I embarked on a journey to restore half of an 1800s-era_Victorian_Camelback_nestled in the historic French_Quarter_of_New_Orleans. With a deep appreciation for historical accuracy, we recognized that the front porch and facade did not reflect the property’s rich heritage or the character of the neighborhood.

However, our plans were put on hold by the devastating_impact of Hurricane_Katrina. It wasn’t until four years later that we revived our efforts, determined to breathe new life into our beloved home. We embarked on a meticulous planning process, interviewing_contractors, sourcing_historically_accurate_materials, and collaborating closely with the Vieux Carre Commission, the city’s regulatory_agency_for_the_French_Quarter.


Armed with a circa 1940s photo provided by the commission as our guide, we meticulously recreated the intricate details that once adorned the house. Despite encountering the usual challenges of a historic rehabilitation, from rotten_wood_to_unstable_foundations, we persevered.

In early October2009, after obtaining permits and breaking ground, our vision began to take shape. Six weeks later, we sat on our porch rockers, admiring the newly restored facade and soaking up the vibrant atmosphere of the French Quarter. As we put on the final_finials and touched up the paint, we couldn’t help but feel a profound sense of accomplishment and pride in preserving a piece of history for future generations to enjoy.

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