Reviving Charm: A Greek Revival Farmhouse Renovation Journey

Embark on a journey of reviving charm with a Greek Revival farmhouse renovation. Explore the fusion of classic elegance and modern comforts as we breathe new life into this architectural treasure. Click the link to witness the captivating transformation unfold.


Embarking_on_the_renovation of our beloved Greek_Revival_farmhouse was truly a labor of love. Upon closer inspection, it became evident that the exterior_trim and siding bore the marks of time, pests, and the relentless onslaught of the elements. Rotten_sills and water-damaged_walls further underscored the need for extensive repairs.


With determination and dedication, we set out to restore the farmhouse to its former glory. We began by beefing up the trim, meticulously repairing the entablature, and introducing pilasters and water-tables to enhance the architectural integrity. A standout addition was the installation of a standing_seam_solid copper_roof_over the rear_bay_window, adding both durability and elegance to the structure.

The porches underwent a complete transformation, with reframing work ensuring structural stability, while the deck material was upgraded to luxurious solid mahogany. To complement the restored exterior, we enlisted the expertise of professionals to landscape the front of the property, complete with an irrigation system to maintain its pristine appearance.

Through perseverance and attention to detail, our Greek Revival farmhouse has been revitalized, radiating charm and elegance for generations to come.

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