Unveiling Beauty: Restoring a Hidden Gem from 1917 in Wilson, NC

Unveil the hidden beauty of a gem from 1917 in Wilson, NC, as we embark on a journey of restoration. Witness the resurrection of timeless elegance and historic charm in this captivating tale of preservation. Click the link to explore the transformation of this architectural treasure.


Hidden behind a veil of overgrowth, the true beauty of this 1917 home in Wilson, NC, remained obscured from view. In fact, it eluded our notice entirely during our initial drive past the property, with the house itself boarded up at the time of purchase.


Undeterred, we embarked on a journey of restoration, beginning with the arduous task of clearing away the dense overgrowth that had enveloped the home. Landscaping_the_yard, repairing rotted wood, and a fresh coat of paint were just the beginning of the extensive renovation_process.

Despite_the_challenges, the effort was well worth it, particularly when considering the unique architectural features that awaited discovery. Among them, the second-story cross_gable_supported_by_curved_brackets stands as a distinctive hallmark, making this home a one-of-a-kind treasure in Wilson, NC.

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