Why does Ashton Kutcher walk his daughter on a leash?

Curious about why Ashton Kutcher walks his daughter on a leash? Click the link to uncover the surprising reason behind this parenting choice.

Just the other day, the paparazzi took a rather strange photo of 45-year-old Ashton Kutcher and his eldest daughter Wyatt. Apparently, caring father Ashton was just taking his daughter to school, because he and Wyatt were photographed in the morning and the girl was dressed in a school uniform. However, it was not the form that attracted the attention of the public. People were extremely surprised to notice that Kutcher was taking her ten-year-old daughter to school on a special harness-“leash”!

Ashton Kutcher’s daughter and leash

Vintage trend

The harness, known among parents as a “baby harness ,” is usually attached to the child’s clothing near the shoulders or waist. It is used, as you understand, to protect the baby from external threats, transferring control over the baby’s movements to the parents. Many modern fathers and mothers do not like this invention, considering it a sick product of modern society.

In fact, such parents are wrong. On the contrary, the “children’s convoy” is a very old trend . For example, children in Rubens’ paintings walked on such “leashes.” Separately, we note that they were used in all countries, from Europe and the States to Asia. In particular, one of the 18th century paintings depicts the heir of Count Nikolai Tolstoy with such leashes.

Unusual behavior

In general, it is not surprising that Ashton Kutcher uses the “baby convoy” in everyday life. There have long been rumors in Hollywood about the strange parenting habits of Kutcher and his wife Mila Kunis. Once upon a time, the couple’s heirs were even nicknamed “unwashed” because of Mila’s controversial revelations in one interview!

However, despite all the oddities of the star couple , colleagues consider Kutcher and Kunis to be extremely caring parents . If you believe your actor friends, celebrities literally blow away specks of dust from their children. The couple’s efforts are not in vain – even in secretly taken paparazzi photographs, little Wyatt and Dimitri look healthy and happy.

Strange detail

In the new photo of Ashton Kutcher with his daughter, there is only one moment that confuses the actor’s fans . Typically, a “children’s convoy” is used when walking with children under three, or, in extreme cases, up to six years old. Well, Wyatt should already be ten in 2024! Fans believe that with a schoolgirl daughter it is no longer possible to resort to such radical security measures.

On the other hand, Kutcher still uses a very lightweight version of the “children’s convoy”. This harness, as we see, is elastic and fastens to the child’s belt, without at all restricting the baby’s movement. And, more importantly, Wyatt herself is not at all shy about the “leash.” On the contrary, the baby enthusiastically talks about something to his father. So the “children’s convoy” does not harm the child here, and that’s good!

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