Alain Delon left Romy Schneider for the sake of his new lover. The main love of the French actor, who is this mysterious beauty?

Unravel the romantic saga of Alain Delon’s heart-wrenching decision to leave Romy Schneider for a mysterious new love. Who is this enigmatic beauty that captured the heart of the iconic French actor? Find out now!

It is a well-known fact that many years ago Alain Delon was the cherished dream of all women. Moreover, the handsome man is truly a magnificent anchor, from whom it is impossible to take his admiring gaze off.

It is interesting that the great artist entered into an official marriage only once. Natalie and her wonderful husband met by chance while relaxing at a club. Just one date changed the lives of young people. The lovers could no longer separate for a minute. But at that time Delon had a serious and long-term relationship with the beautiful and unique Romy Schneider.
Romy was filming in America when Delon and his new lover started dating.

The passionate couple were similar not only in appearance, Alain and Natalie had the same vision of the world. They adored freedom and strived for it. But the young mistress didn’t like that her man was still living with someone else. The woman demanded certainty, and Delon offered her his hand and heart. After the wedding, Natalie gave birth to her husband’s son Anthony.

Naturally, the relationship with Romy Schneider was over. And Natalie began acting in films with Delon. The couple looked very impressive. The actor’s fans were delighted. In fact, in the personal life of the married couple, everything was not as good as in the films. They regularly sorted things out, argued over trifles, even threw everything at each other at hand.

This is truly a real passion, a fiery volcano. But in the end, unable to withstand the intensity of emotions, the couple separated.

After the divorce, Delon and Natalie remained good friends. They raised Anthony and often acted in films together. When the actor had a stroke, it was his ex-wife who supported him and helped him get back on his feet.


Recently, the son of a former couple showed a photo of their already middle-aged parents. It’s sad to know that Natalie Delon passed away several years ago.

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