He was dubbed one of the most desirable actors to appear on the screen, but the fans are afraid to look at him now! 👨‍🦰➡️👴 This is how age and years have changed Eastwood! 😬🥱 Let’s take a double-look into the American actor’s path to stardom! 🧐 Find out more in this article! 👇

Born in San Francisco in 1930, C. Eastwood’s journey to success and stardom is marked by challenges and hardship. Given the fact that his father was a steelworker, the family had to frequently relocate. Initially, is was his unusual height of 6 feet 4 inches set  her apart and he had a nickname «Samson» from his early ages.

He was recruited into the US Army in 1950. He worked as a lifeguard in Seatlle following his high school graduation. However, a tragic event occurred when he was 21. It was a transformative experience which changed his life to the roots.

Eastwood was left behind when the jet crashed into the Pacific Ocean.

«I remember swimming a few miles towards the show and thinking, «well, 21 is not as long as a person wants to live». It was crucial for his career as well and he directed «Sully: Miracle on the Hudson».

It portrayed the wonderful 2009 Hudson River emergency landing of US Always Flight 1549. He later expressed his high appreciation for Sully’s character who saved the lives of over 100 passengers and crew members.

Currently, he is already 89 and still keeps her irreplaceable place in the film industry. He boasts portraying dozens of roles and his significant contribution can hardly be overestimated.