Not every designer can make an elite Euro two-room apartment out of a “killed” building, but she did it. See photo report

Vera Sitnikova has been working in design for a long time, and has earned quite a decent reputation. She coped with a difficult task and was able to turn an old house of 43 m2 into a stylish apartment in a modern design that meets all the requirements of the owners. The transformation was completed in 2 months.

There was some redevelopment. The space of the toilet was increased due to the hallway, the bedroom was divided into zones, freeing up space for a dressing room. The kitchen and living room were combined to create a spacious dining room with a cooking area. The wood floors were removed. A new screed was poured, making its level lower than the original one, and the ceiling height increased by 15 cm.

Living room

Parquet was laid in the guest room. One wall was highlighted, making it bright blue, the rest were left in a soft blue tone. A TV and stereo system were hung on the bright wall. Opposite, near the wall, a soft coffee-colored sofa was installed. The floor was covered with carpet and a coffee table was installed on it. A sliding wardrobe with a mirrored facade was placed at the end wall, thereby visually increasing the space.


The dining room was divided into zones, delimiting them with a bar counter with high chairs on the dining room side. In the kitchen area, patterned porcelain tiles were chosen for the floor. The kitchen set consists of modules, made in gray and black tones, which gives the room a classic, austere look.


In the middle there is a huge designer bed, with built-in drawers for storing linen. There are bedside tables on the sides, and bedside lamps are built into the headboard. From the bedroom you can get into the dressing room, which replaced the closet, and there was still some space left.

Toilet with bath

A suspended ceiling was installed. Tiles the color of baked milk were laid on the walls.

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