Not everyone can turn a “killed” building of 56 m² into ideal housing, but she managed to do it. But how and due to what. See photo

Anyone can change their apartment, just like the famous blogger Natalya Koshcheeva. She decided to give her family a gift to make their stay more comfortable. She inherited the apartment, and there were simply no internal partitions.

The result was an apartment in a Scandinavian style, with a kitchen, dining room, bedroom, children’s room, office, and even a storage room.

The old floors were also removed, the screed was poured, all plumbing and drainage systems were replaced, and new electrical networks were installed. Then came the turn of cosmetic repairs, and all work was completed six months after it began.

Living room

The TV wall is made of decorative brick, unlike the others, which are a delicate gray shade. The floor is covered with laminate in the same color as the window sills. The soft corner is still chosen by the owner.


This area is part of the dining room, but is highlighted by the flooring. Here there are tiles on the floor; in the dining room there is laminate flooring. The corner kitchen set fits in very organically. The kitchen apron area is painted with slate paint.


This room is small in size, only 10 m2. Only a bed and a wall-mounted TV fit here; a chest of drawers for things was squeezed in near the door. There is a photo of Natalia’s family on it. It is possible that there will be a built-in wardrobe that will be located around the front door.


This room has everything, a sleeping area, a play area, a place to study and even a pet, Christina’s rat.


It’s a rather narrow room, but you can’t live in it, so they undressed and left. The floor is porcelain tile, the same as in the kitchen. From the hallway there is access to the pantry, where outerwear is put away. There is a mirror hanging on the pantry door.


A nook of 9 m2, where there is a table and a rack for papers.


There is porcelain tile on the floor, the walls are tiled. A shower cabin has been installed. There is a washing machine nearby. A mirror in a wooden frame hangs on the wall.

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