A gift made by hand is the best. And I thought so, and gave my parents a kitchen renovation as a gift for their anniversary. Rate…

Handmade Gifts Are the Best! Check Out How I Surprised My Parents with a Kitchen Renovation for Their Anniversary. Rate My DIY Skills!

Are there those of us who don’t love our parents. These are the people who raised, educated, and opened all sorts of horizons for us. And the older we get, the more we want to please them, help them and protect them. That’s why I decided to renovate their kitchen, thus organizing an anniversary gift for them on their wedding day.

Now I’ll tell you how I did it:

I covered the window leading from the bathtub into the kitchen with brick. I did the laying for the first time, and it worked. I prepared the walls by removing old tiles and wallpaper.

I drilled the walls for pre-designated sockets and installed them. Nowadays there are a lot of household appliances, so this is a necessary measure.

The walls were leveled with plaster, puttied, and wallpapered.


I laid out new tiles in the splashback area.

Replaced the door on the refrigerator under the window. Now it is plastic, with transparent glass.

I laid USBY on the floor and laid linoleum on top.

Installed a suspended ceiling.

Installed the baseboards.

Installed a modular kitchen corner.

The final stage was the installation of a new dining table and new chairs, and new beautiful curtains completed the look of the kitchen.

All the work took me two weeks, since I am a beginner master. Just in time for the anniversary, and my parents really liked the gift.

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