Britney Spears admitted that she wants to talk openly about her problems, but she can’t – and here’s why

Britney Spears’s memoir , The Woman in Me , wasn’t enough, and she realized she wanted to talk more about her struggles with fans. However, unfortunately, it cannot do this. Or fortunately, if we are talking about her sons, who barely survived her revelations in the book published a few months ago.

It turns out that the singer has long wanted to become more frank with the public, but is worried that this may scare off fans, and some will find her sincerity and stories about current hardships “offensive.” She spoke about this on her personal blog on a banned social network, once again showing half-naked photos from a beach holiday. Describing the trip, Britney hinted that not everything went smoothly. “A lot of other things happened on this trip that I’m not talking about either. Sometimes everything is not what it seems!!! “I pretend that everything is absolutely perfect, but believe me, I also went through a lot and I would talk about this struggle, but it’s too offensive to share,” the pop diva said.

To be honest, neither from photographs nor from videos does it seem to fans for a long time that everything is perfect with Britney. Well, the fact that she is fighting became clear from her dance with knives. And, perhaps, after shocking confessions about her experiences, including 13 years of guardianship , abortion , Justin Timberlake’s infidelities and even an encounter with the paranormal amid an emotional outburst, Britney’s fans are ready to support in any circumstances.

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