Making an apartment out of a toilet, such a thought doesn’t even occur to me, but it turns out it’s in vain

Transforming a Toilet into an Apartment? Believe it or Not, It’s Possible! Check Out the Incredible Conversion Story. 🚽🏠

This story took place in England, or rather in London. One of my friends decided to buy a former public toilet actually in the middle of the city, not far from Hyde Park. All our friends were simply horrified by this idea, and wondered: why?

Previously, more than five years ago, the public toilet was, as you understand, not very clean, like all public institutions. It stood empty for a long time, and homeless animals and clochards found refuge there. And it didn’t even occur to anyone to do anything with this room until Laura Richard, who worked as a designer, found it.

When Laura saw this room, she immediately imagined what she could do with it. Even the fact that the room was destroyed did not change her opinion. The walls are broken, the floors are partially broken, there are mountains of garbage and waste all around.

It is clear that such a state will not delight anyone. But Laura’s decision remained unchanged. She already had a clear idea in her head of how she could decorate this room and do it with great results, she just needed to put her head and hands to work.

The public toilet was closed in 1990. In fact, people had not visited it for more than 20 years, so Laura came up with different ideas about where and how to apply her knowledge, and what to ultimately make of the basement. There were different ideas, a bar or a restaurant, or maybe a cafe.

When Laura tried to start filling out the documents, she encountered difficulties. Representatives of the mayor’s office were categorically against opening a catering establishment in the former toilet. Therefore, Laura decided to make a comfortable apartment out of the destroyed premises.

Colleagues began to ridicule the young designer and say that even if they made living quarters in the building, no one would want to live there. But the girl firmly stood her ground and began to carry out the work on her own, only occasionally resorting to the services of professionals.

Laura hired a construction company to carry out work that she or her friends could not handle. She also involved them. But the designer wanted to do most of the work herself, and she did an excellent job.

The cost of restoration and repairs cost 6 million rubles. Considering current prices, this is a very budget option for almost central London. By the way, this price included the purchase of the building, the payment of various fees, and the fee for a lawyer to help draw up the paperwork.

Housing in central London costs several times more than the girl cost. But she now has a comfortable living space next to a famous park. It turns out that Laura, having bought a public toilet, purchased housing, saving a lot of money.

Friends and colleagues simply bit their tongues. After all, no one could even imagine that this was possible. After renovation, the room looks like no one can remember that there was a toilet here.

But the hostess herself did not expect that she would get such a stunning result. The apartment turned out to be cozy and comfortable. It was worth all the effort the young designer put in.

Now the friends who slandered and did not believe in Laura’s abilities are very jealous of her, but unfortunately, they no longer have such opportunities. Such chances don’t come along very often, and Laura managed to take advantage of them!

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