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At some point, Olga Zagrebina realized that the bustle of the city and hard work had become very burdensome, because she was heading towards retirement. But there is no corner for the soul where you can relax on a well-deserved rest. Olya began to drive around the suburbs, and finally found the place of her dreams, where there was silence, beautiful nature, and distance from the neighbors. On the site stood a time-worn village house, but the foundation underneath was quite strong.

All neighboring buildings and the house itself were designed in the same style. But if the barn and woodshed could still be used, then the house had to be taken seriously, and it also had to be adapted to a person accustomed to living in the city.

Olya wanted greater unity with nature, so the front windows were increased in size, and the result was actually a glass wall.

The reconstruction of the house began with the installation of heating and laying water pipes. There was a fireplace in the living room, a stove in the kitchen, and heating radiators in the rest of the house.

The old wallpaper was removed and the walls were stripped down to their bare timbers. The wood was treated and the walls were left wooden. The atmosphere of village life immediately began to be felt, and the spirit of that time was preserved. The same decision was made regarding gender. The old paint was removed, the surface was sanded and clean wood was left.

Fortunately, old furniture was also sold with the house. It was given to restorers, and now it decorates the interior of the house, giving an atmosphere of originality and comfort.

Regarding the exterior decoration, Olga decided not to radically change the ancient appearance of the house. Therefore, the craftsmen made necessary repairs in some places and restored the covering and carved decor that had adorned the house since the beginning of construction.

The upper surface of the roof was virtually all broken, only the base remained strong. Therefore, the old roof was removed and a new wooden one was made, matching the appearance of the house as a whole.

The living room looked like it was on the street, and all thanks to the transparent wall installed on the facade. And although the exterior finishing work has been completed, each room remains to be furnished, and they are worth talking about separately.

Living room

Thanks to the harmoniously combined old and new furniture, the result is a cozy room. It has a comfortable corner sofa, tea tables and beautiful armchairs.

Dining room

In the middle there is a large round table with a glass top, and around it there are restored massive dark wooden chairs.


A modern kitchen set in soft pink color, with a dark stone countertop, dominates here. Olga decided to do without upper cabinets, because the space allows her to place all the necessary cooking utensils below.

Toilet room

The shower cabin and other plumbing fixtures are gray. The bathroom is decorated with glass decor.


On the second floor there is a large old bed, with a bedside table and a spacious wardrobe. Everything is in the old style.


What was the result?

Of course, Olga used the advice of an experienced designer, and although some solutions were clearly not standard, in general the decor and the house itself turned out to be harmonious. Olga is now proud, because this house is made taking into account her preferences, and living in it will be cozy and comfortable.

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