There was a “killed” apartment and now the newlyweds live in comfort. Rate the photo: before and after

From Killed to Comfort: Our Newlywed Home Transformation! Rate the Before and After Photos. 🏡✨

A young married couple was given a three-room apartment, but it was simply scary to move in. On the website of a design company, they found a renovation project for a similar apartment, and without hesitation, they turned there.

Everyone knows these apartments in which there is not a centimeter of extra space. Therefore, designers try to use every corner to ensure that the room is used effectively. The first thing we decided to do was combine the living room and kitchen to create a dining room with a cooking area.


We decided to create a bright environment for the corridor. Patterned tiles were laid on the floor, and laminate was laid in the small hallway that leads to the kitchen. The walls were covered with decorative bricks. The combination resulted in a very stylish room.

There is a wardrobe along one wall. For outerwear, hooks were installed, which are fenced off with a curtain.

Dining room

The combined living room and kitchen created a new, spacious space. The white corner kitchen is functional; the refrigerator is located by the window. A hob is built into the countertop, and a mini oven is installed instead of an oven. The floor has tiles with Spanish patterns.

The seating area has laminate flooring. There is a corner sofa near the window, and in the middle there is a beautiful table for eating. The designers provided lighting by zone, and the chandelier above the dining area can be adjusted in brightness.


Here the wall covering is divided. One wall, located opposite the bed, is highlighted with photo wallpaper, the remaining walls are stylish gray. There is a double bed in the center. On each side of the bed there are floor lamps with beautiful lampshades; they can be turned on for reading.


The baby’s room is made in pastel colors. All light furniture is located ergonomically, there is a bed, a changing table, and a chest of drawers against the wall. There is a sofa for mom by the window.

Toilet room

A cabinet with a large mirror visually increases the space. There is a large sink under it, and opposite it there is a washing machine. Decorative jars with shells placed everywhere add color.

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