56-year-old Nicole Kidman radically changed her image: photo

Nicole Kidman’s stunning transformation at 56! Check out her new look in this captivating photo. ✨

It seems that Nicole Kidman was not satisfied with the furor that she created with her even slimmer figure on the cover of the latest issue of American ELLE, and she decided to continue to hit her fans in the heart, looking good day after day. This time the actress radically changed her image, getting rid of her usual long red hair. A photo with a new hairstyle appeared on the celebrity’s personal blog on a banned social network.

Now Nicole is a luxurious blonde with a bob, which really suits her. One fan commented on the changes in the actress’s appearance with the words: “Holy transformation!” And what is he wrong about?

By the way, despite the fact that Kidman is not against experimenting with her hair during photo shoots and often tries on various wigs, in life she is much less likely to decide on such pranks and prefers to remain a fatal beauty with red hair. So these changes are clearly something new. Apparently, the Big Little Lies star, like the rest of us, wanted something fresh this spring.
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