A young couple bought a home when their child was born. I had to make repairs, and this is what happened: before and after photos

From Fixer-Upper to Family Haven: Check Out the Incredible Transformation of This Young Couple’s Home! 🏡✨

Heroes of our history, young family. While they lived together, they rented an apartment, but soon a baby was born, and the young people worked hard and bought their own home. The choice fell on an ancient building from the early 20th century, because the house breathes the flavor of antiquity. They found out from the neighbors who did the design and turned to the same master.

The apartment has undergone changes. The designer proposed combining the corridor with the living room, the kitchen door was removed to another place, and the small corridor that previously led to the kitchen was converted into a dressing room. The bathroom was combined.


Everything has changed radically here. Light porcelain tiles replaced dark parquet, and the walls were made beige. At the entrance there is an area for outerwear, a shelf with hooks, and opposite a closed closet for clothes and shoes. To save space, the mirror was hung on the front door.

Living room

The walls were treated with decorative plaster, except for one, for the TV, which was lined with decorative bricks. A blue sofa was installed opposite the TV system. A spacious rack was placed at the end, on which aircraft models were placed. This is the owner’s hobby, which he is very proud of.


The room was made functional. Corner kitchen in white, covered with a wooden countertop. The kitchen has various appliances: refrigerator, stove, microwave. There are parquet tiles on the floor. The apron area is painted with slate paint. You can use chalk to draw recipes or notes to your loved one.


Oak veneer is the material chosen by the designer for wall cladding. The color of natural wood is reminiscent of a room in a country house, and gives peace and comfort.

There is a work area near the window, equipped with a table and a computer chair. There is a spacious bed in the middle. There is a floor lamp on the side.


Wallpaper is neutral in color. The space and furniture are designed to be replaced as the child grows.


There are patterned tiles on the floor and beautiful blue panels on the walls. The ceiling is simply painted with paint with moisture-repellent properties.

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