It is possible to restore old houses.The family was able to do this in Sweden, and read how. I am attaching a photo report.

Discover How This Family Restored an Old House in Sweden! 🏡✨ Check Out Their Amazing Journey in This Photo Report.

Natalya, marrying a simple guy from the outback, did not yet know that her husband had an ancestral house in Sweden. Having lived there for several years, she learned that their family now owns this property. It turns out that the house of the husband’s ancestors was built by the husband’s great-grandfather in 1912, and all the surrounding lands near the house also belonged to him. In general, the family got ready and went to inspect their property.

Having arrived and inspected the house, Natalya and her husband began planning the restoration of the house. Of course, the building had stood for more than 100 years, so the appearance was quite dilapidated. The garden was overgrown, the covering became shabby, and the inside of the house needed updating. However, what Natalia liked were the large rooms, preserved fireplaces, old parquet floors and solid wood doors.

Despite the fact that Natalya and her husband are still young people, they are already thinking about where they would like to meet their old age. Therefore, the issue of restoring the house was not even discussed; everything had already been decided. Of course, there are no big salaries in Smolensk, so there was no question of inviting a designer; the guys decided to do the repairs themselves.

While the work was being carried out, the family had to move; all relatives supported them with money, because the work to improve the house took a year and a half. There, in Switzerland, the couple’s daughter, Yulechka, was born. Now she will inherit this house, just like her dad once inherited it, only she will get it in much better condition.

Maxim started with the basics, and began to study engineering documentation, and then follow the instructions and advice of experienced builders. First, the window units were replaced, the plumbing system was changed, and all plumbing was replaced. The windows were wooden, with shutters, corresponding to the spirit of antiquity, like the whole house. Then it was time to finish the exterior of the house, the covering was restored, and now the house looks like a fairy-tale home.

The floors were sanded inside and varnished. The fireplaces were cleaned and washed, they were in working order and now heat and decorate the house. The only thing that was made modern was the kitchen. Here they laid tiles and installed a kitchen corner, as well as installed all the necessary kitchen appliances.

In 2019 it finally happened, the renovation was completed. And although the interior decoration is not yet completely completed, and some aspects require improvement, the house is already liveable. The family, of course, is now not planning to move to a permanent place of residence, but are simply going on vacation with the child. They take care of the garden and improve their everyday life.

You see, with desire and joint efforts, you can restore a house abroad, making it a family nest.

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