The legacy of the “killed” apartment. Is it worth it to do repairs, or is it a waste of money? Look at the before and after photos

Is Renovating a ‘Killed’ Apartment Worth It? 🤔💰 Check Out These Before and After Photos to See the Transformation!

My aunt, a very old lady, left us, leaving me her apartment as an inheritance. Of course, like all older people, she didn’t like change and didn’t do any renovations in her apartment. Therefore, I received the housing in such a condition that it was scary to enter. And I decided to turn to professional designers, because I simply couldn’t handle it myself.


They decided to decorate the entrance to the apartment in light colors. We chose beautiful marble-like tiles for the floor. A full-length mirror was installed on the front door, and a wardrobe and shoe rack were installed along one wall.

Kitchen-dining room

The designer decided to combine the living room and kitchen, resulting in a large room. The gas stove was removed from the kitchen and replaced with an electric one. The kitchen corner is made in the form of a corner module. The corner facades are white, the countertop is light marble, and the apron is light pink.

The floor in the dining area is covered with parquet boards. There is an emphasis on the TV area, the wall is a rich bright green color, and the rest of the walls are gently light green. Opposite the TV there is a green sofa with a coffee table.

Near the window there is a table with chairs for eating. At the entrance there is a wardrobe for things.



This room has a dedicated workspace for an office. There is a work desk with a computer chair and a rack for papers by the window, and in the back of the room there is a large bed with drawers for bed linen. Behind the bed there is a dressing room, which can be accessed from two sides. It is equipped with folding doors.


The floor is decorated with marble tiles, and the walls are a delicate pink color; in the middle of the tiles there is a panel with pearls. There is a sink installed, above it there is a cabinet with a mirrored door. There is a washing machine to the left of the bathroom.

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