The real reason why Bianca Censori goes out in public half naked has been revealed – Kanye West has nothing to do with it

Curious about why Bianca Censori often steps out in public half-naked? The real reason might surprise you! It seems Kanye West isn’t the only influence in her fashion choices.

All this time we were sure that behind the “naked” images of Bianca Censori there was a stern Kanye West, controlling the behavior of his beloved down to the smallest detail. As it turned out, the girl herself is not against putting on a real performance, going out in almost what her mother gave birth to, and her star husband is definitely not behind her racy outfits.

According to a source close to the couple, Bianca now behaves like an actress and, moreover, views herself as a real work of art – hence all her discouraging looks. According to him, Censori has many hidden talents besides architectural ones, which, in principle, few people remember, and staging “half-naked” shows is one of them. And Kanye’s manipulations have nothing to do with it at all. “People are intimidated by Bianca’s creativity. “She’s a phenomenal person, a phenomenal actress who can entertain audiences… Bianca is an artist just like Ye,” the insider shared, refuting the theory that West has an irresistible urge to control his wife.

By the way, when choosing outfits, they say that Bianca uses all her creative abilities. So it’s no wonder why her collection of tights is so large.

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