What do Michael Jackson’s grown-up children, who rarely appear in public, look like: photo

Rare sighting! Take a peek at Michael Jackson’s grown-up children, who tend to stay out of the public eye. They’re all grown up now! 🌟

The names of the heirs of the King of Pop Michael Jackson have recently appeared more and more often in the press in connection with the legal proceedings between the artist’s youngest son and his own grandmother regarding inheritance issues. And although conversations about Jackson’s daughter and sons indeed take place with unusual regularity, they themselves have not appeared in public for a long time, especially the three of them. So what could make Paris, Prince and Blunkett (aka Biggie) team up and go out together? Of course, a press evening dedicated to the premiere of the musical about their father.

The event took place at the Prince Edward Theater in London, where all three appeared in front of the public. 22-year-old Blunkett looked a little stern as usual (public appearances are generally a rarity for him, so it’s not surprising). But his older brother, 27-year-old Prince, seemed incredibly happy next to his brother and sister. By the way, about the last one. Fans noticed that at 25, Paris has become a real beauty.

By the way, until recently, there were practically no photographs of the youngest of the brothers and sisters on the Internet, with the exception of children’s photographs. Unexpectedly for many, Blunkett, born from a surrogate mother, became more public, and his trial with the singer’s mother also speaks volumes. Just a week after he filed a lawsuit to prevent Katherine Jackson from using her son’s money to finance a difficult and, most likely, pointless fight with the executors of Michael’s estate, the youngest of the Jacksons decided to go public.

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