Blake Lively apologized for her words about Kate Middleton: what happened?

Blake Lively issues an apology for her remarks about Kate Middleton. Learn more about the incident and how Lively addressed the situation.

The love of Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds for all sorts of photoshopped_images and practical jokes is legendary – but this time the joke was unsuccessful. In a promotion for her brand of carbonated drinks, the actress ironically walked through the Princess of Wales, who was caught in the inept use of Photoshop. “I’m so excited to share_this_new_photo I just_took_today to announce 4_new flavors of our product. Now you know why I went missing,” the Gossip Girl star joked on the banned network last Friday.

But the joke no longer seemed so innocent a week later, when Kate admitted that the real reason for her absence was an oncological diagnosis. “I’m sure no one cares today, but I feel like I have to admit it. I published a stupid post after the “Photoshop fail” hype, and oh my god, now I’m horrified by this post. I apologize for him. Sending_love and good wishes to everyone. Always,” Blake wrote in her story.
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