David Beckham admitted for what qualities he fell in love with Victoria and why he decided to marry her

David Beckham opens up about the qualities that made him fall in love with Victoria and why he chose to marry her. Find out the romantic details of their relationship journey.

Sometimes it quite rightly seems that the whole world rests on the relationship between Victoria and David Beckham: no matter what happens around, this couple is always together – they joke with each other and show what an ideal relationship they are. The Beckhams have 26 years of marriage and a serious relationship crisis associated with the football player’s betrayal . Despite the difficulties, the couple kept their family together. And if this is not love, then what?

Obviously, David is absolutely delighted with his wife, even after almost three decades together! He never tires of talking about it, and the other day he remembered what attracted him to his beloved for the first time and why he decided to marry her.

In a recent conversation with James Corden on This Life Of Mine, the footballer frankly admitted that he knew from the very beginning that Victoria was his ideal partner. At first he just liked her, but even at that moment it was clear how much the then lead singer of the Spice Girls suited him. “I really just liked her. I just imagined her and didn’t know what she was like as a person… I didn’t realize what a strong woman she was, and that’s what later attracted me to her more than anything else,” Beckham said.

He emphasized that although his wife is incredibly beautiful and sexy, his feelings for her did not grow because of these qualities. “I love what a strong woman she is, I love the fact that she works hard, that she’s a great mom. I also love that she sometimes looks after me… And you know, we created this life ourselves with four wonderful children who are the most important things in our lives. That’s why I chose Victoria…” he added, admiring how the celebrity opened up in family life.

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