How the bathroom turned into a favorite area in the apartment

Explore the transformation of a mundane bathroom into a cherished space within the apartment. Discover the creative ideas that made it a favorite spot for the residents.

At first, Natalya’s apartment was not very comfortable and not equipped. The bathroom and toilet were separate rooms and everything was combined to create a cozy space. The woman had long understood that she would not glue wallpaper, she would simply paint the walls, in fact, this is exactly what she did in order to endow her home with maximum practicality. To add aesthetics and attractiveness, it is worth combining decorative details, which is what our heroine did.

To free up as much space as possible, the owners decided to install plumbing fixtures, but their choice also fell on an acrylic bathtub. The original solution was that they installed a sink-bowl installed above the supporting bedside table, where it is easy to put hygiene devices and household chemicals.

Among other things, we managed to place a washing machine in the bathroom, but not every homeowner manages to do this. But among these actions there was also a mistake: the owners did not install heated floors, the ceramic and granite surfaces were extremely cold, and to create an additional type they had to install a towel dryer, which was not planned.

What is the secret of comfort in the bathroom?

Many people want to receive aesthetic pleasure while in the bathroom. And in order for this problem to be solved, you need to think about extremely attractive decor and interesting shades. Natalya decided to decorate the bathroom in turquoise and was right; there are milky and beige details, which look very harmonious.

The walls are smooth, they are presented in the brightest shade and diluted with tiles. Actually, a mirror-type frame has a similar design, along with a window and blinds, all this is easy to do with your own hands, without incurring colossal expenses, this only requires the purchase of a basic sash, the issue price is 700 rubles.

A cozy atmosphere is created by wooden tabletops; wicker decorative elements make their contribution along with an interestingly designed curtain. The room looks really modern.

No extra expenses!

The main advantage of such a solution is the possibility of its own implementation with the cost of a minimal amount of money. It won’t be difficult to paint the walls yourself using budget paint; in addition, you can get by with budget tiles and cute decorative elements.

The end result is really pleasing, and it couldn’t be any other way!

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