Renovation in a neglected apartment: before and after

Witness the incredible transformation of this neglected apartment! From shabby to chic, the before-and-after photos will leave you in awe.

Walls with carpet are something, at least for some people who remember them, residents of the USSR. Anna managed to develop a generalized design concept on her own; she relied mainly on visual sources on social networks. Examples were collected and mock-ups were created. Her task was to provide the home with the harmony that prevails in the Scandinavian style, as well as notes from Bali.

That’s what came out of it

The total area of ​​the apartment is 39 square meters, in fact, you can see how it looks from the hallway. Part of the wall has been removed, which makes the room more airy. As for the kitchen and living area, they are still separated.

When you start doing something, it may seem that everything is extremely simple. But as soon as you face the reality of old houses and narrow apartments, it turns into a real challenge. Walls under ancient wallpaper, old electrical wiring, plumbing, and numerous other “surprises.”

The kitchen has a classic Scandinavian design, the set is extremely light, the work surface is made of wood, the table is small, there is an accent in the form of flowers – it also looks stylish. The living room is decorated with a huge amount of greenery, which complements the interior, and there is also a work space here. Certain furniture details, by the way, were borrowed from the previous design.

In general, all the details here are perfectly combined with each other, for example, an open type hanger, a full mirror, garlands, curtains in a dusty pink color. The corner accents also deserve attention, and you’d be tempted to put a small table here.

The bathroom is small in size, but at the same time light and neat; a wooden frame around the mirror is an amazing solution in this case. In the hallway you can consider an area for storing accessories and shoes in a basket.

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